Friday, May 9, 2008

Book Market - Darya Ganj

If you are a book lover, you can't afford to miss a visit to Darya Ganj in the walled city of Delhi. The market opens every Sunday, from 9:00 AM till 7:00 PM on street pavements and may extend some time after wards depending on the mood of sun. Home to india's largest platform for magazines and second hand books, the market is popularly known as Sunday Market or the Kitab Bazaar (Book market).You can almost find any book in the English or Hindi language, which is published the world across.

A paradise for book lovers, the market is famous for second hand and cheapest available books. Here you can find back issues of magazines like Vogue Jostle for space along with books on travel, lifestyle, sports, philosophy, food, and more. You can also find a vast collection of books - text as well as reference, on different subjects for various colleges, patterns and boards of study.
And most amazing of all..., it has been been found that the books presented to Indian Prime Ministers either at book release functions or on other occasions have found their way to pavement shops in this amazing book market. Many book enthusiasts who throng the Sunday Market at Darya ganj were shocked to see books once presented to Prime Ministers by their authors being sold in this market. For the shopkeepers, these books carry the same value as their other books.

While the cost of various books available in this market depends on one's bargaining power, many can be purchased for as low a price as Rs. 10. The most expensive ones can purchased at a price anywhere between Rs. 100 - 200. Though mostly illiterate, the shopkeepers know the value and importance of their good books and those written by popular novelists like Sidney Sheldon.

In addition, be sure to exhaust completely in exploiting these book shops, in order that by the evening your appetite is more eager to taste the most famous jalebis, biryanis, parathas, laddoos and pakoras in the nearby street food stalls and restaurants.

Hope you have an amazing and enriching experience.

How to reach:Darya Ganj is situated in Old Delhi in the close vicinity of famous Lal Qila amd the Chandni Chowk market. Go to these places and pick up an auto or rickshaw to reach this amazing book market.


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